Nominations are currently being accepted for the CBA'S annual Awards Program. Don't miss this opportunity to recognize a strong employee for Driver of the Year, Maintenance Technician of the year, or a strong Operator Peer for the 2023 OPERATOR OF THE YEAR award. Please review our Awards Program  page for more information. Nomination Deadline is October 15, 2023

Nominations are currently being accepted for seats to the CBA Board of Directors and to the Associate / Allied Steering Committee. Please review our Board of Directors page for more information. Nomination Deadline is September 15, 2023

CBA Members: Refer a colleague for CBA membership. Visit the Join page to access the online referral form!

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CAlifornia Bus Association

Representing California's Bus Industry Since 1969

(1) Nominations are now being accepted for the CBA's annual Awards program. Recognize a Driver, Technician, or a fellow Motorcoach Operator for one of these prestigious awards.
(2) Nominations are now being accepted for seats on the CBA Board of Directors and on the Associate / Allied Steering Council.
(3) REGISTER NOW for the 49th Annual Convention & Tradeshow.
(4) Now you can refer a colleague for CBA membership.
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CBA Committee Descriptions and Members

Associate / Allied Steering Council

This committee is charged with reviewing applications for Associate or Allied membership prior to submission to the Board of Directors for approval; representing the views of the Associate and Allied Members to the Board of Directors and membership; in general promoting the welfare of the Associate and Allied Members of the association; and shall perform such other duties as may from time to time be prescribed by the Board of Directors. All seats on this committee are elected positions.

Juan Lepe - Chair
Clint Guth - Vice-Chair
Dan Besserer
Kimberlee Bissegger

Bylaws Committee

This committee reviews the Bylaws of the Association annually and advises the Board of any changes needed. This committee also draws up any changes and submits them to the Board for approval.

Jodi Merritt - Chair
Mike Waters

Communications Committee

This committee, consisting of the chairs of each committee, provides the Executive Director with updates needed for newsletters and other important communications to be relayed to membership.

Juan Lepe
Jodi Merritt
Mike Waters
Terry Fischer
Chris Riddington
Robert Saucedo
Charles Williams
Vickie Cole
Jasmine Sayah
Michael Giddens

Convention Committee

This committee works on the planning of the annual convention and awards. They will meet several times a year via Zoom during the planning stages. They will also meet once at the host hotel to check out convention space, banquet space and meet with the staff on site. The Committee Chair reports to the Board with all updates.

Mike Waters - Chair
Vickie Cole
Tom Giddens
Jodi Merritt
Charles Williams
Chris Riddington
Michael Giddens
Lisa Allen
Juan Lepe
Jay Lietzke
Megan White

Education & Safety Committee

This committee works on planning member meetings throughout the year and provides input to the board and membership as appropriate on major safety concerns that arise within the industry.

Vickie Cole - Co-Chair
Kimberlee Bissegger - Co-Chair
Eric Gregory

Legislative Committee

This committee works closely on reviewing new bills being introduced in the State Assembly and Senate, as well as regulatory issues such as CARB and SPAB regulations and concerns. They advise the Board as to which bills we should watch closely and provide information to the Board on anything that the membership needs to be kept apprised of.

Terry Fischer - Co-Chair
Chris Riddington - Co-Chair CARB
Robert Saucedo - Co-Chair SPAB
Eric Gregory
Alfonso Hernandez
Javier Becerra
Mike Waters
Samantha Onnen
Jasmine Sayah

Maintenance Committee

This committee plans and executes the annual Maintenance Seminar and may provide input on major maintenance issues that arise within the industry.

Charles Williams - Chair
Rigo Gonzalez
Robert Hitt
Juan Lepe
Wendell Merritt

Membership Committee

This committee works on promoting and increasing membership. They work on small regional Meet & Greets of non-members to inform them on the benefits of a CBA membership. Any plans are presented to the Board for approval.

Jodi Merritt - Chair
Kevin Creighton
Clint Guth
Dave Dorr
Mike Laffan
Robert Saucedo

National & State Parks / Attractions Committee

This committee meets when something of interest with National & State Parks or Attractions occurs which affects the motorcoach industry and is tasked to work with the entity to come to a resolution. This committee reports their findings to the Board and keeps them updated.

Vickie Cole - Co-Chair
Jasmine Sayah - Co-Chair
Lisa Allen
Denise Demery
Michael Giddens

Technology Committee

This committee works with the Executive Director with any technology related issues and social media plans. They submit their plans to the Board and the Executive Director for approval.

Michael Giddens - Chair
Eric Gregory
Jodi Merritt

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